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Relics, Gods and ancient Mysteries, in a place where past and future meet...

Sanctuary   of   the   gods

a book of mysteries by Nathan Cate




Sanctuary of the Gods is unlike anything you have ever read before. It tells a gripping story of a secret place where the Gods and their Mysteries survived the ancient fall, but there is more: much more. Where the story ends the appendix takes up. Many have read tales of Shangri-la and Merlin's cave, and theories about things like the Tarot and ancient myth. There are so many beautiful stories and such a lot of interesting theories! Who among us has not become at least a little jaded, a little cynical? But there is a difference with Sanctuary: this story, incredible as it seems, is essentially true. The author did not invent it, he discovered it. Once you've experienced the book, you will have a vital new understanding of the old Gods, the Tarot and  myth, and the last 3,000 years of history. Sanctuary offers nothing less than an initiation to the heart of the ancient Mysteries.



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